Welcome to United Nations Peace Keeping Training School

Armed Police Force ,Nepal United Nations Peace Keeping Training School (APF, NEPAL UNPTS) is a renowned training institute of Nepal which is dedicated for providing training to all Armed Police Force personnel participating in various Un Peacekeeping Operations(UNPKO). UNPTS is located at Ward No.5, Kakani Rural Municipality, Nuwakot District, Bagmati Zone which is 27 North of Kathmandu.

-Peace keeping Mission started since 2002 (UNAMI - Iraq)
-Established : 2011 A.D. (2068/08/22 )
- Location: Nuwakot District, Kakani Rural Municipality ward No.5
( Approx 27 Kms. Land route to the North from Kathmandu)

- Commandant : Senior Superintendant of Armed Police Force (SSP) - Mr. Rajendra Dhakal
- Under Command : National APF Academy
- Area Covered By : 57-2-0-03 Ropani.